Flooring Solutions

Portland, Oregon


One Day 4-Coat Floor System

  • Fast turn-around time — drive on same day
  • Extremely durable — chemical resistant
  • Clean & easy to maintain — more usable space
  • Lasting value — no delamination or chipping
  • Moisture tolerant — seals porous concrete
  • Product: BASF

Slip Resistant / Traction

Floors consistently subjected to spills, including water and oils in restaurant kitchens or bars, create an unsafe working environment for employees. To counter these issues we offer the industry’s leading polymer non-slip products. With a variety of non-slip options, Specialty Coatings can tailor the flooring texture to fit the needs of your facility, ensuring higher safety standards and OSHA compliance.

Moisture Mitigating

Excess moisture in or below the concrete slab is the primary cause of epoxy flooring failures. The movement of vapors through the concrete can cause epoxy bonds to fail months or years after installation. However with proper installation of products from the leading industrial suppliers, including Sika, Ardex, and KOSTER, Specialty Coatings prevents industrial flooring from falling prey to destructive moisture transmission.

Winter Weather

Winter weather is hard on surfaces such as parking garages. Cars pick up dirt, grime and sand from icy roadways. Oil stains collect under vehicles parked during long hours. Studded tires do further damage. We offer heavy epoxy mixes with sand and other additives for durability and ease of maintenance. Products include MMA and cementitious urethanes.

Heavy Duty

Specialty Coatings offers unique floor coatings designed especially for high traffic areas such as bridge decks, industrial sites and warehouse floors, that withstand large amounts of traffic in the same areas, day after day. For these situations we install MMA and cementitious urethanes in a process that uses sand or filler added to the epoxy mix for extra strength.

Garage Floors

Coating a garage floor is the most cost-effective way to enhance value and livability and add usable square-footage to a home or commercial space. Durable, chemical and spill resistant, and easy to maintain, Specialty Coatings floor systems add long-lasting value with no worries about delimitation or chipping.

Hot Temperatures

Commercial kitchens produce heat, grease and moisture which can be a lethal combination for floors and a dangerous situation for the people working in them. Specialty Coatings floor systems are moisture and thermal-shock tolerant, chip-resistant, slip-resistant and will not delaminate. They’re also easier to clean and sanitize than other surfaces.


Specialty Coatings offers the best solutions for porous concrete floors. The coating seals the concrete while offering slip-resistance even when wet. The coved installation eliminates cracks and crevices, prevents moisture from seeping below the surface and offers a floor that is as beautiful as it is easy to clean and maintain.

Chemical Resistant

Industrial flooring takes a beating in businesses like auto repair and machine shops and waste treatment centers, which must withstand repeated exposure to harsh chemicals, oils, gas, and dirt. Specialty Coatings understands the technology, products and techniques to install flooring systems precisely designed to protect against whatever your unique situation demands.

Variable Conditions

The installation and maintenance of concrete floors demands extra care when there are environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture level changes and exposure to weather. Changes from warm and moist to dry and cold can cause cracking and damage when concrete layers expand and contract. Count on Specialty Coatings to properly plan and install the right floor for the right conditions so maintenance is worry-free. We use Polytuff, MMA and Urethane systems.


The electronics industry requires specialized flooring under sensitive and expensive computer equipment, including anti-static surfaces, as well as those with grounding qualities. Other industries require anti-static floors to eliminate hazardous sparking and shocks. Specialty Coatings can install anti-static epoxy layers with copper and other metallic particles and grounding wires mixed right into the flooring system.