Epoxy Floor Coating for Businesses

Portland, Oregon


Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Experts in Portland

As a property manager or business owner, your floors are one of the most important aspects of your store or business. They must be durable and look great without breaking the bank. Floors cover your entire space and a good floor will withstand the constant traffic of customers and the workplace. When your flooring needs repair, maintenance, or a complete overhaul, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the expert team at Specialty Coatings in Portland, OR, has you covered. For years, we’ve helped business owners in the area with our specialized commercial epoxy floor coating, a strong, durable, and efficiently installed solution for your flooring needs. We pride ourselves on detail-oriented work at affordable rates, and look forward to partnering with you to as your epoxy floor contractor.

The benefits of epoxy floor coatings for businesses

You have many different surfaces you can choose from if you are doing a gut renovation or making other changes to your space. Epoxy flooring provides the combination of longevity and look that is hard to beat. Here are some of the benefits of having your commercial floors finished with epoxy clear coat from Specialty Coatings:

  • Cost effective and seamless installation
  • One-day, four-coat installation
  • LEED certified
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas
    1. Slip resistant
    2. Stain resistant
    3. Chemical resistant (oil/gasoline)
  • Reflects natural and artificial light
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used as interior and exterior flooring material
  • Virtually odorless
  • Winter weather ready
  • Moisture mitigating
  • Heavy duty durability
  • Heat resistant (great for warehouses, laboratories)
  • Anti-static formula

The top quality-epoxy flooring purveyors at Specialty Coatings have the tools and resources to ensure your flooring installation is done with proficiency and ease. We aim to work closely with our customers every step of the way because we always want you to be happy with our services.

The epoxy floor contractor experts in Portland

Regardless of your industry, epoxy coatings are a great solution to your flooring needs. We’ve serviced a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, retail locations, airplane hangars, art showrooms, bridge decks, light industrial buildings, warehouses, locker rooms, laboratories, schools, universities, clinics, auditoriums, and concert halls. We service our customers with the top brands in the industry because we know a quality job starts from the best raw materials. We are well stocked with AmeriPolish, BASF, Poly-Tuff, LandM, Deco-Pour, Ardex, Sika, RetroPlace, PPF/Poly Spec, Key Resin, KOSTER, PermaShine, and LiquidConcrete. Our custom flooring colorslude ColorFlakes™, ColorGranules™, and ColorMicas™.

A wide range of epoxy floor materials

Every job we complete for our customers in Portland is done right the first time because we stay supplied with a range of professional epoxy floor materials, including methyl methacrylate, Ucrete, cementitious urethanes, epoxies, urethane decking systems, UV-cured epoxies and urethanes, polyaspartics, and moisture mitigation coatings. We take pride in the fact that all products we carry have green options that are environmentally friendly and have near-zero levels of VOC emissions. Our products are non-flammable and solvent-free, and our water-based product options are free from harmful chemicals. We want our products to serve their intended purpose but also be safe for a range of industries and commercial settings.

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